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Breast fat graft
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Breast fat graft

  • Breast Fat Graft Surgery For persons who feel repulsion against procedure of using filler material itself or are concerned about giving a plastic air due to lack of soft tissue, “autogenous fat” breast augmentation procedure is preferred. As “autogenous fat” breast augmentation required a lot of micro fat, this procedure is performed by collecting fat from thigh as much as possible. In case that thigh fat is sufficient, micro fat in the amount of app. 600-1200cc based on fat suction rate is collected and after its purification, micro fat of app. 300-400cc is transplanted to both breast by division.In other words, micro fat of app. 150-200cc is transplanted in one side of breast and in case of a person whose fat amount and condition of chest tissue are favorable, engraftment by transplantation up to 250cc at one side of breast could be performed as well. As “autogenous fat” breast augmentation is to provide the patients with breast having same touch as that of natural breast, its satisfaction and effect are outstanding beyond description but its limitation that range of augmentation allowed at one time is determined by the condition of one’s own chest tissue and fat tissue to be collected since breast volume is augmented by one’s own fat tissue should be sufficiently considered. 。