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Hospital Introduction
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  • Dream Plastic Surgery is founded by Seoul National University graduates.
  • Dream Plastic Surgery has 9 plastic surgeons all from the same university (Seoul National University). Based on the identical educational background, we provide systematic, interactive and collaborative treatment through free discussions.
  • Dream Plastic Surgery has the liaison treatment facility with Dream Dental Surgery and Dream Dermatology.
  • Dream Plastic Surgery has 9 operating rooms, 5 general anesthetic machines, 15 recovery bed wards, which enable us to perform stable and smooth one stop care on pre-operation management, anesthetic surgery and post-operation management. Furthermore, liaison treatment with Dream Dental Surgery, Dream Dermatology and Dream Skin Care, which are all part of Dream Medical Group, is possible.

  • Dream Plastic Surgery pursues individually tailor-made treatment service.
  • At Dream Plastic Surgery, we have 9 plastic surgeons and 3 anesthetists, who will tailor made treatment individually to make sure difficult operations such as eye, nose, breast, liposuction, facial contour surgeries are carried out in safety. Differentiating from the current service, where one or two doctors performing all types of surgeries, a complete satisfaction for each and every person is offered with the service in totally different level of treatment.
  • Dream Plastic Surgery persists on being the best.
  • An utmost effort will be applied in deciding the surgery method and techniques for every individual patient. Latest high tech machineries and equipment will be maintained and the most safe and stable surgical materials will be used with the consideration of them staying inside human bodies.

  • At Dream Plastic Surgery, most safe anesthesia will be provided from an anesthetist with more than 10 years of clinical experience.
  • The anesthetist at Dream Plastic Surgery is a veteran anesthetic specialist. He has an abundant experience of more than 10 years in plastic surgery. He has the ability to comfort and put anxious ladies before the operation at ease.
  • Dream Plastic Surgery aims for comfortable and relaxing surgeries.
  • Every consideration is given with sleep aesthesia against even a small level of pain. Your surgery will be done as you are waking up from a short dream feeling pleasantly rested. Your post anesthetic and post operation pains will be managed and cared for as if you are a family.

  • At Dream Plastic Surgery, one on one exclusive care will be provided between patients and coordinators.
  • At Dream Plastic Surgery, one on one exclusive care will be provided between patients and coordinators.
  • Dream Plastic Surgery is fully equipped with the one-stop and comprehensive facilities for all pre-op tests.
  • Dream Plastic Surgery is equipped with Chest X-ray (Chest PA) and electrocardiogram machines and you will be tested in comfort.

  • Dream Plastic Surgery recognizes the Noblesse Oblige responsibilities.
  • As a leader in aesthetic plastic surgery at large, we feel the social duty and responsibility and every doctor does his best at work and strives to contribute to the society. We feel the grave responsibility associated with the high level of interest on us and always do our best.
  • Dream Plastic Surgery endeavors for the systematic establishment of plastic surgical knowledge and its propagation.
  • A medical aesthetic laboratory is set up within the clinic to develop new technologies, accredited by modern medicine and to actively spread them accompanied with various academic activities by inviting eminent specialists from overseas.